Sabtu, 25 April 2015

“He's just not that into you.” ;

yes, let them know. don't make them wonder. or worse, have hopes and anticipation towards you when the truth is, you're not into them. not all women are brave enough to confess their feelings. not everyone have the guts to ask directly, what am i to you? if you're not sure about your future together with them, don't linger around them. and if you need to take things slow, just like the quote above, let them know. if they really love you and wanna have their future with you, they will wait no matter how long. yes, they will wait.

if you wanna take things slow and at the same time you don't want them to wait for you, but you won't let them go or even let them know any bit of your feelings and keep them wondering, what do you actually want in that relationship?


you don't to this to the woman you love. you'll hurt them and you're gonna hurt yourself two times more.

truth hurts, but false hopes and anticipations will hurt people more and for a long time.

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