Khamis, 3 Disember 2015

three six five times two ;

another 365 :)

you might not remember this date. and of course i wouldnt mind if you dont. it's just a random date.

two years ago on the very same time and date, not being able to sleep, i went through my contact list on an app and found ur name on the recommended list. and i added you without hesitation, cuz you are one of those friends that i am comfortable with (jenis banyak tahun tak contact titiba msg boleh hoi hoi tak awkward hehe), and cuz it has been a long time since we had our last chat.

and the next day, i still remember you excitedly said hi and we catched up with our stories and we never lost contact again till now :)

i know its not that special but to me it is. selalu terfikir, if i didnt randomly scroll the contact list, mungkin tak perasan & tak add pun. coz you changed ur phone & you didnt have my number. kalau tak sebab tu, maybe we are still in our own world now.

anyhow, semua berlaku ada hikmah dan sebab. whether it is in the past or in the future. we just have to believe in Allah's plan because He is the best planner.

thank you for the past 730 days. hoping and praying for many more days to come. and even if i have to stop counting one day, i believe there's hikmah behind it.



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