Rabu, 14 November 2007

s.e.m.h.o.l.s (X

i am free. for 2 months. yup 2 freaking months. oh well wut can i say. no class. no early wake up. no staying up for assignments. just sleep eat and online. haha oh sungguh seronotnye.

so i have lots of plans for this holiday. i wanna meet my beloved peeps in kL. wanna hang out wif my buddies ere in terenggnau. teera, kamak, lynn, nana and all. it wud be fun. frankly speaking, i actually dun have the delight feeling. i just don't have it. its not like when i was back in gombak. sem 1 semester holiday is the best one ever. i got alotta money and i can go anywhere. i am totally free.

ahh cut the crap out. the same crap ive been crapping about in the prev posts.

i just got back home on monday. soon after the last paper. English Language Test Practice - Advanced (IELTS). i screwed up lagi. haha da ah carrymarks camdoh je. it was just freaking hard. 3 freaking long articles to read and 40 questions to answer in just one freaking hour. otak ku sungguh tak mampu. just imagine 1 article is like 2 pages long. and to complete the mess, the articles are academic-ish. meaning they'r bout science n things like dat. i remember the first article was something bout chemistry. about how plastic was invented. argh suicidal! i hate physics i hate chemistry. i hate science and maths and always will. i hope ielts wont be the reason why i have to extend or repeat. no way no. i dun wanna be a repeater.

i just read a blog. a friend of friend's. i luv reading blogs currently. thru it i can learn about the writer. its like a platform to know somebody. and to learn thru someone's experience. oh i really like her english. i've always admired people especially malays who can speak or write a good english. i know many malays can. but not me. dats why i'm really impressed with 'em. maybe someday i can be like them. oh i have to. cite2 nak jadi lecturer in english or a journalist. tp english ku hancur. i wonder how people can be really good in english. probably english is their mother tounge. they speak english at home or maybe they read a lot of english novels and books. now i'm regretting for not reading english buks when i was young. baru nak start skarang. its not too late then but its quite late. ahh better late than never aite? (:

this weekend i might be going to kL. a person wanna rent the house in gombak. so my parents hafta go there to settle stuffs and all. so glad to hear dat. i can meet the beloved peeps there. yay me. owwieee. tapi tak sure lagi jadi ke tak.

its 5am olredi. 519am to be exact. my tymezone of sleeping is beginning to change. and i'll have less time to spend wif my pham. ye la malam jage pagi tido. it's so true. for today (slase), xjumpe pn alip. pagi die g nursery. petang when he was back i was asleep. and when i woke up n got out from d room he was asleep oredi. oh shanad shanad tak bole jadi nih.

i miss my rumates olredi. i actually don't know how can i face this 2 months without them. seriously. they have been my world this few moths. even kadang2 wikends 2 or 3 of us balik, trase gile kot. and mybe because i dun have the life outside college anymore makes me really close to them. i can only talk and laugh a lot when i am with them.

from right- kakak kecik, aien, lalalilelo, ona partner, tunateera and mas on the front. i love them!

k la. gotta go. pen off everyone. adieu~


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