Jumaat, 19 Oktober 2007

just an update

just finished attending guests. sedara from dungun. anak mak nih janah. besenye jumpe tyme2 raye kat kampung je. kebetulan jumpa kat giant k.t td then they went straight to our houze. oh td pegy giant k.t for the first tyme ever. besh sket dari giant gombak i can say. 2 tingkat tp xla besa mane. bese je la. masuk dlm hypermarket die trase macam betol2 kt giant batu caves. huhu windu.

nothing much actually. i dun wanna start crapping so i'll post sum pics aite. taken just after the guests balik. hee. so ere goes...


flower. i dunnow wats the name

home shweet home

tak banyak pon snanye. oh sambil godek2 phone abah td jumpe pic agy. pic tyme the guys pegy pantai. xsure batu burok or chendering. tp asenye batu burok kot.

abah men layang2. wehuuu. :p

so dats all. i still didnt do any bit of the freaking assignments. lazy me. i shud really kick my ass diz nite. i mean it. or else i'll die diz monday. seriously. and i have diz 1 azam. i'm not going to on9 starting diz monday until i finish my finals. dare me? haha of coz not. maybe diz monday until i finish the final IGS assignment. the report. i dare myself. aite then. pen of. adieu~

p/s: oh wish me luck for my finals


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