Ahad, 21 Oktober 2007

half relieved...

'yeay!' the only word dat i can say. yeay me. coz i've done wif my interview. late on saturday nite or shall i say early in the sunday morning. this morning. thanx abah. u're the best dad. i'm proud to have u as my abah. love yah.

oh well actually i'm not 100% done yet with the interview. there're still some editing to be done. u know to make it be like 10 minutes. ahh wutever. and the script oso and i just noticed dat i have to write an essay on evaluation of the interview. sumthing like dat la. argh! i'm so not gona do it yet. gonna ask nabil n others later.

i'm off to kuantan diz morning. abah will fetch me on 9a.m. the bus is on 10a.m. gudbye home. i'll be back on sem hols. weheeeee.

maybe some of u guys (anyone whos reading diz blog or following the updates. kalo adela kan) wonder why i write in english at times, n malay at times n sometimes rojak-ing. i'm trying to improve my english. u know i'm taking english communication n my english sucks. it really is. so i guess one way for me to improve is by writing this blog in english. insyaAllah. but im not forgetting my mother tounge for sure. bahasa jiwa bangsa. tehee ;p

frankly, my heart iz swollen at tis very moment. why? let me just keep it deep in my heart. whu knoes i might forget the pain during this busy-hectic period of time.

can't wait to see my beautiful sixwoders: ain,lala,ona,kakak kechik,tuna and mas. oh i'll meet tun first coz she'll be going back with me. the same bus.

end of crapping session.

wish me luck for my final exam. the remaining freaking assignments as well. i've got 2 more: IGS final essay and the roleplay. roleplay? argh! suicidal. i hope i can do well.

good luck for final exam everyone! bbasya! gambatae ne! (:


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