Khamis, 19 November 2015

i hope you can tell by the way i'm treating you ;) though i know i dont really do anything for you.

not sure whether u will read this or not. i just wanna say thank you. for being there during this past 2 years, every day without fail. i dont know what have i done to deserve this kind of attention from someone. i think its not because i deserve this, its because you are a good person, a good friend.

and during this stressful time, you are still there. you have your own work stress, but you still entertain my neverending stories about my workloads. padahal kerja awak pun banyak. sorry. i always have this fear that i might become a burden to people, they will get bored and leave me. thats why sometimes i tried to keep things to myself. but everytime you asked or said that you wanna know, i lost it. pastu bebel banyak banyak, menyesal.

i hope you know that i want to be there for you too :)

thank you. for being there. and sorry hari hari bebel benda sama.

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