Rabu, 14 Disember 2011

생일축하해 오뉴!

cownchicken:        First up, happy birthday leader onew! Its the 3rd time im saying this and im really proud to say that! It’s been like 3 freaking years you have been on my bias list! sobs ily       Secondly, thank you for being such a role model to me. You were my motive for sustaining my results as i deeply and CLEARLY remember you studied so hard to get second in the whole school.       You have thought me that NO MATTER WHAT, we must bear it down and hang a smile up to the world even if its killing you inside or outside. Perseverance, yes. That’s the word. Well, what i deeply and always remember in you was that even though you are always sick, you would still get your feet up and perform all your best! Proud and standing tall for such wonderful talent, you are indeed one leader onew!     You also showed me that to believe in your dreams and never to give up on them, even if there are objections, mockeries, ups and downs, turn offs and bad results. Being a singer is your ambition when you were young, and look where are you right now? Singing right in the spot light with millions of spectators cheering for you with pearlscent skyblue lightsticks!  Im always proud of you whenever you are serious and singing your heart out. This GIF best describes it, even though its only the back view of you, but its the singing side of you and this has always been my favorite part of you. Other than that, you are funny and lovable. The whole world is hunting you to squish you do you know that? XD Perfect husband, would best describe you in my dictionary.  Best man, would be the best word to complete my life. Eye-smiler, would make me smile for my whole life. Lastly, i would like to wish you the happiest birthday you would celebrate today and for the rest of your life. Stay healthy and strong! Never fail to continue smiling and i wish life is always fullest to you!    ♥               HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE JINKI!!!


credit : cowchicken@tumblr


mianhe ini je gambar yang sempat cari hee. have a blast ee!!

macam biasa ayat,

seronoknyaaaa birthday sama dengan onewww!! :p :p

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hikariee berkata...

Thanks syanad :) U made my day eventho ee late perasan.Trus hilang rasa duka harini :)
Thank u dear. The best present ^^

l t t l g j h ; berkata...

alaaa kenapa sedey2 ni ee? takmau sedih2 ye. fighting! :))